I’ve had my eye on this little ditty for quite some time now.

Any Harry Potter fan in the universe would agree that this golden snitch necklace is beyond awesome. It’s geeky as hell, but also cute enough to be considered a fashionable accessory. Plus it has a hidden clock, which is just magical. I’m smitten. 

I actually have no idea why I haven’t bought it yet, as it only costs $3.68 (plus $5.85 for shipping) on ZTBoutiques’ Etsy store

Even if you’re not a Harry Potter fan (shame on you), this piece would make a fantastic gift for a friend that is because it’s cheap, but it doesn’t look cheap. I know, I’m a sneak. But that’s how I roll and you can either use it to your advantage or just deal with it.

Anyway, somebody remind me to buy this later? Thanks.