Ladies, meet Lush’s solid shampoos.

Now I know what you’re thinking, solid shampoo is for dirty hippies. But it’s not! Dirty hippies don’t wash their hair at all.

Seriously though, I know they’re a bit daunting, but if you give them a chance you’ll find that they’re actually pretty awesome. Since Lush has us covered, there are a bunch of different types, each with different scents and properties, because not all hair was created equally. 

I used to be all about the Godiva one. In fact, the only reason I stopped using it is that I like to switch up my shampoos once in a while so as to avoid build-up. It leaves your hair super soft because it contains conditioning oils. Also, it smells nice. 

Your best bet with these is to either read the descriptions of every single one online, or to ask a Lush associate in-store which would be best suited for your hair type. They’re knowledgeable folk and will surely be able to help you out. 

After skimming through the different options, I’m dying to try Hard. This shampoo bar has a lot going for it.

1. It’s a pretty color. Always a winner in my book.

2. It’s made with coconut and hibiscus, so odds are it smells heavenly.

3. It works to fight evil tap water and restore moisture to your hair!! My hair is pretty fine. So fine in fact, that it often goes into static sling mode. I had no idea that this was a result of hard water (And can you believe I even have a shower filter?! CLEARLY, LA isn’t doing a great job of maintaining its water supply.), so I’m super stoked to give this stuff a whirl. 

Solid shampoo from Lush will cost you $10 or $11. Don’t be fooled; it lasts a long while, so it’s totally worth it.

Also, if you’re like me and are constantly itching to travel, it’s completely airplane friendly. Even if you’re not flying somewhere, it’s much easier to pack a tiny tin of solid shampoo than it is to pack a jumbo-sized bottle! And I know they have at least one type of solid conditioner as well, which is just lovely.

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